Our Mission

The Land Bank captures strategic real estate opportunities to benefit people with low to moderate incomes, prioritizing BIPOC+ and populations facing barriers.

Our Vision

All people in the seven-county metropolitan region of the Twin Cities have the opportunity to live and prosper in a community of their choice.

Our Services

How we can help you
You have an idea for growth, a vision of change, mission opportunities. However, opportunities need real estate and places to launch from. So that you can focus on your mission, we strategically capture real estate to enable these opportunities.

Brokering/negotiating a property purchase
Through our brokerage services, our knowledgeable and experienced team find the right location and negotiate the purchase to meet your needs.

Land banking/holding property
Through our land banking services, we purchase and take title to the property, agree to hold it for a specified amount of time, and then sell it to you.

Financing/lending for a property or project
Through several financing products, including property loans, we work to meet a variety of real estate project needs.
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Who We Serve

Developers, local community and small businesses, nonprofits, and governments in the seven-county metropolitan region of the Twin Cities

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