Land Bank Twin Cities gives mission-driven organizations the edge in real estate. We create greater potential for success. Whether through brokering, land banking, financing, or a combination of these, we work creatively to get what you need – quickly. Contact us to see how we can do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your mission.

Land Brokering & Negotiating

Indigenous Roots, Saint Paul

Need land? Already have a property in mind? We listen to and appreciate the special needs of nonprofit mission-driven organizations. Land basis market analysis, property due diligence, zoning; we understand the details. From finding the right location to managing the offer and sale, we have the market expertise to create greater potential for success of your project.

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Cornerstone Creek, Golden Valley

Need more time? Timing is everything, and some things just take time. We understand that sometimes the right property is available, at the right price, but you’re just not quite ready. Whether for three weeks or three years, we can purchase, hold, and maintain the property for you while you bring the necessary components together to take your project to the next step of development.

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Land Banking – Holding Property

66 West, Edina

Need financing? We offer several financial products to enable your project. Traditional loan financing for single-family, multifamily, commercial and multi-use projects are tried and true, but additional funding options may also be available. Financing can stand alone or be paired with land banking to best meet your needs. Be it for acquisition, preservation, new construction, site control, or predevelopment, we work creatively so you get what you need quickly.

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